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    LinkedIn: Your Gateway to
    Ultra-Qualified Audience

    Achieving results goes beyond just relying on paid ads. We optimize existing strategies and appreciate your accomplishments.

    Choose your Traffic

    With Linkedin you can choose your targeted more precisely than other social media or Google Ads.
    We tailor your ads to appeal to potential investors, showcasing your startup's potential and securing the funding you need to scale.

    Get Seen

    Capturing the attention of your target audience is what truly sets your business apart. Our expertise lies in developing top-notch ad copy and visuals tailored to resonate with your audience, positioning your brand as a thought leader in the industry.

    Be Attractive

    Showcasing your efforts in client or user acquisition. In this context, a well-executed LinkedIn ads campaign can convey more than a traditional pitch deck, making your endeavors more visible and compelling to potential backers.

    Thinking about it?

    Why LinkedIn Ads with Us?

    We can serve you, only if you are a tech company located in EU or US.
    We work in English and French and we AI tools like ChatGPT and Jacques & Maurice AI.
    Below is why we have a preference for LinkedIn.

    Precise Audience Targeting

    LinkedIn's advanced targeting options ensure your paid ads reach the right professionals, enhancing campaign effectiveness. To increase the CTR and the performance of your campaign you can leverage your existing network and content that we eventually repuporse for your ttarget audience.

    It is all about Data

    We understand that the true efficiency and success of a campaign go beyond surface-level observations and are best represented by concrete numbers.In essence, our commitment extends beyond the immediate metrics provided by the dashboard. We believe in a thorough examination of our clients' history and a data-driven approach that ensures not just short-term success but continuous improvement and optimization for sustained campaign excellence."

    Professional Content Environment

    LinkedIn is a platform where users actively engage with professional content. Running paid ads on LinkedIn allows your brand to be seen in a context where professionals are already seeking industry-related information. This enhances the credibility of your ads and increases the likelihood of capturing the attention of a focused and business-oriented audience.

    We work

    Our company, My StartUpAds, specializes in leveraging AI technology to enhance content structuring and optimization while reinforcing the efficiency of your processes. We bring our expertise to key markets such as the United States, France, and Bulgaria. Through our innovative solutions, we provide a smart approach to maximize your visibility and increase your impact in these strategic markets. Trust My StartUpAds to transform your online presence and reach new heights of success.

    Let's be creative on purpose

    We adopt a distinctive approach to creativity, recognizing that the creative process involves divergent thinking and making a distinctive impact. We go beyond being mere idea generators; our use of AI facilitates the drafting, testing, and swift feedback of ideas. This approach not only streamlines costs but also significantly enhances the likelihood of campaign success.In contrast to the prevailing notion that "creativity" alone is a miraculous route to business growth and prosperity, we acknowledge its limitations. For line managers, it might prove more burdensome than beneficial. Those advocating the liberating aspects of corporate creativity, contrasting them with perceived conformity to traditional practices, might unintentionally provide advice that obstructs rather than fortifies creative business dynamics.

    Just in case you did not guess!

    We conduct AB testing, employ AI tools, prioritize delivering value to your target audience, and perform thorough analysis and monitoring. Our focus is on generating results that not only benefit your ad campaigns but also contribute to enhancing your overall company processes and organization.

    Start your LinkedIn ad campaign today and experience the power of ultra-qualified traffic.

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